Why you need a Pizza POS

POS, or Point of System, is a quite fancy cash registry. But just like today’s cell-phones, they are more than just simple cash registries. A proficient POS includes the hardware and software used for checkouts and nowadays it even has touch screens or can be handled wireless.

A pizza POS is a necessary tool when dealing with incoming orders, deliveries and driver takings. It is a place that keeps track of everything that happens in your company.

A pizza POS software is custom made for pizzerias and fast foods selling pizzas. Our latest POS system includes features such as Caller ID, online ordering website and an EPOS system. These are all features that will help your company grow and gain more customers fast and relatively easy.

The Caller ID is a feature that memorizes the phone numbers of the customers who have called to place an order. You can keep track of them and call them or text them with your latest offers. It is a great way of staying in touch with your customers.

The online ordering website is a great plus to your business. Now, clients will have the possibility of ordering directly from their computers and there is no need for staying in line. A great advantage for both you and your customers!

The system also includes a GPS delivery feature. This enables your drivers to arrive to their destination faster. This way you can keep your clients happy and their pizzas warm.
A pizza POS is a must, but now it comes with increased benefits. It would be a pity to ignore such a chance.

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