Getting your pizza delivery shop online

Pizza is a delicious dish and people all over the world are mad about it. Having a pizza delivery shop online is a great plus for your business, as online orders are becoming more and more popular.
Why should you get an online delivery shop?

The advantages it brings are numerous, but the key-factor in switching to online mode is that it offers remarkable results in little time. Our customers have witnessed the positive effects and their businesses have flourished in less than three months.

Why is our system better than other similar ones?

First of all, we charge 0% commission on any orders coming from the web. Thus you can make the most out of your pizza delivery company without worrying about other supplementary taxes.

Then, you have the option of receiving a free ordering website. The online package includes free web-design, free menu input, free hosting and free domain registration provided that you also orer our EPOS system.

Another great thing is that you can add to all these great offers an iPhone application that will enable customers to order from their smart phones. More customers, more orders and more income for you.

Moreover, we offer a free one-month trial for your brand new and unique online ordering shop. Try it together with your customers; after that, we guarantee that you won’t want to give up to it.

Going online is a must. But it is your choice to decide on the best offers the market puts at your disposal.

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