Delivery Software (Driver takings and Delivery Directions)

Delivery is a key point for companies, especially for those which are food-oriented. In order to be sure that your deliveries are well supervised and well organized, make sure that your delivery software is one of the best. Good delivery software manages both driver takings and delivery directions.

Driver takings:

The software enables you to delegate your drivers with a certain amount of deliveries. It constantly recalculates the amount of money the drivers must have received from the clients, so that at the end of the day you know exactly what is the total sum that you have to receive from each of them.

In the “Manage Drivers” option are included the name of the driver, the number of deliveries, as well as the sum of money to pay. The deliveries are divided by address and each address comes with the delivery’s worth.

Delivery directions:

The feature is very well organized and thus easy to use. The software remembers the clients’ addresses based on a postcode lookup feature and the driver is guided by Google Maps towards the destination, maps that can also be printed at the touch of a button.

With the help of four buttons, the driver can move within the map (Up, Down, Left, Right), can zoom in or out the image or can search for a new address. The map is easy to use and besides the names of the streets, it also shows important landmarks that are of great use when the driver is not sure of the location.

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