Cheshire Fast Food – “30% of my business comes from deliverys. I wanted to increase this but didn’t know which way to go. A friend of mine recommended Pizza Software to me and I am pleased with the way they provide their service. I send text messages to all my customers every month providing them with special offers. I get a big response from this”.

Papas Fast Food – “the real reason why I wanted this system was to give my business a professional look. But however after only a few weeks I noticed the benefits that this system is providing me. I have now increased my orders dramatically and my online orders are coming in on a regular basis. The system is so easy to use and much more efficient than anything else I have seen. It allows me to use the features at a touch of a few buttons. Certainly I would say it is a must have”.

Bursley Fast Food – “I wanted a system that was easy to use and very friendly. They provide me all this plus much more benefits. Touch 2 Success was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is also with them”.

Caribbean Takeaway – “I wanted a computerised system but didn’t want to pay thousands of pounds. So I decided to go into renting. They provide everything that I need, from the hardware all the way down to helping me with advertising.