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Apr24 2012

IT improving on mobility, computing and applications

Smartphones and tablets, app stores, browsers, internet of things, open source, automation, and the list can continue. It is already difficult to define the domain of IT, especially that of "cloud computing". The mobility of technology has just gone a step further with the invention and popularization of smartphones and tablets and with the great success of Apple's iPads, and Amazon's new Kindle.

This takes us to the next question: if everything is turning mobile, why shouldn't online ordering do the same? Thanks to our new iPhone application, we have just made online ordering mobile! A breakthrough in pizza and fast food ordering, one might say.

Our pizza EPOS software works wonders in the field of online ordering because it was created with the help of the leading companies from the fast food industry. This means that it comprises everything a fast food and pizzeria needs in order to attract more customers and develop under the sign of professionalism.

Our brand new iPhone Application allows your customers to access your online ordering website directly from their tablets or smartphones provided that they have an internet connection available. So PCs and laptops are not the only ones that can bring you profit. And with features such as Credit Card Payment, Online Order Tracking and the possibility of visualizing menus, prices and photos, clients will know exactly how much they have to pay, how much they have to wait for their food to be delivered and what they will be receiving.

Allow your business to keep up with technology and transform it into mobile online ordering! All you need is EPOS, online ordering website and our iPhone Application.


Mar16 2012

Kindle Fire – the Gadget that Gets Your Website Closer to Your Audience

You customers can now use their latest Kindle Fire to access your online ordering website. Amazon's new Kindle Fire has gained popularity among users and the majority of people compare it to the latest tablet from Apple. While some claim that a comparison between the two should not be made as they were conceived with different goals in mind, it is impossible not to highlight the contrasts between them because they are fairly similar to each other.

However, we are not going to focus on the similarities and differences between the new Kindle and Apple's iPad, but rather have a brief description of how Amazon's tablet is helpful for your fast food, pizzeria or restaurant and for your online orders.

To start with, the gadget is no longer just a simple reading device, but focuses on more diverse activities such as movies, TV shows, applications and a large variety of games, starting with the popular Angry Birds. But applications are what should catch your attention. Being the successful owner of a growing fast-food company or pizzeria and of our latest pizza delivery software, you will be more than happy to know that your clients can access your online ordering website directly from their Kindle.

Kindle Fire has 7" color touchscreen, which means that your website will be more vibrant and more stunning than ever. Every owner of such a beauty can view high resolution movies, clips and TV shows but at the same time they can access your online ordering website. They can view every page on the website and what's more, they can even place their orders directly from their brand new Kindle Fire.

All in all, the new device is a great gadget that has revolutionized the way we see tablets. A great competitor to Apple's iPad and at the same time a tool that indirectly helps you grow your business.