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Mar13 2012

Apple launches the new iPad in stores this Friday

Apple has made an official announcement about the launching of the latest iPad: on Friday morning every iPad admirer is awaited at Covent Garden, where they will be able to purchase the newest model of the best sold tablet in the world. There were previous rumors about this long-awaited inauguration, but it was only now that the staff at Covent Garden gave their confirmation.

The decision to officially launch the new tablet is regarded with skepticism by some: there is such a large number of pre-orders already, that it will be hard to maintain a constant flux of products in the store. For those who want to own this technological beauty, Friday will start very early in the morning. The Apple staff at Covent Garden warned punters to get there as early as possible; they also predicted that the store will probably run out of iPads by early afternoon.

The new iPad 3 takes after its forefather, iPad 2, but it surely brings some new and amazing features. To start with, the multi-million pixels display is sure to amaze even the most fastidious of customers. It is also said that features like Siri, the latest iOS or LTE support are just few of the staggering novelties that the new tablet will display. However, nothing has been confirmed so far, so we will just live to see.

Anyway, the thing we know for sure now is that there, somewhere, are shelves smothered by these new top-notch tablets that continue to represent a breakthrough in technology and a landmark for all those working in the field. Although there is a great number of tablets already produced and waiting for their owner, Apple helpers admitted that deliveries for pre-orders will have to wait for at least two or three weeks.