Postcode Lookup

Find a customers address from their postcode in seconds.

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Being able to complete deliveries on time is of crucial importance. We understand this, and we have been thinking intensely on how to improve the delivery time and at the same time, create a simple but efficient client database.

How does the postcode lookup work?
The postcode lookup feature works on a simple but yet effective way:

  • Ask the customer for his or her postcode
  • Introduce their postcode in the system
  • Wait for the system to look up for the customer’s address

… and it’s done! The system searches for the customer’s full address, including street, number and town and remembers them forever.

Is this really a necessary feature?

Time is crucial in today’s business world. If you are not practical and you do not take advantage of everything you can in order to constantly improve your methods, you will be left behind and your company will remain forever forgotten.

It is true that you could do that yourself, but it would cost you more time and thus more money. Why not let a program automatically search for your customers’ address while you fill up your time with more productive and more important actions?

All in all, while this is something humans could do, why not admit it, computers do better. Having a human introduce all the addresses in a database is time-consuming and don’t forget that making mistakes is in our nature. In order to make sure that your customers’ addresses are correct, safe and sound, make use of the Postcode Lookup feature and eliminate an unnecessary stress from your manager’s forehead!

Call now and start your free trial on 0203 002 0731, or use the contact form