Online order tracking

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inform your customer on the remaining time until they receive their delivery.

Where can my clients find this feature?

The feature is to be found on your website. It comprises of a watch available in both classic and electronic displays. The clock moves counter clockwise and shows the time left until the delivery. The amount of time displayed depends on the waiting time you have set on the website.

How is that an advantage for my company?

Providing accurate order tracking is of uttermost importance. This way, clients know how much they have to wait until they receive their order.

It is a great way of improving the relationship with them and also a great way of communication. Although they do not literally talk to you, this is a great way of providing information on time. Most of the cases, clients have to call back at the company in order to find information about the delivery methods and time, but with this online order tracking feature, this is no longer necessary.

What if the order will take longer to deliver?

In case the order will take more time to be delivered, you have the opportunity of sending them an SMS and informing them of the late delivery. Also, you stay informed on orders with late order notification that alerts you on any orders that have not been processed or sent.

Call now and start your free trial on 0203 002 0731, or use the contact form