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You cannot conceive a food business without an EPOS, or an Electronic Point of Sale system. This machinery is aimed at improving the way you manage your orders. Our system, however, is more than just a simple EPOS, it is an efficient tool that will help organize your business.

Our EPOS’s main betterments:

The system was conceived together with the leading businesses in the field, and it is sure to meet all the requirements of a successful company.

  • Touch Screen While touch screen is a common feature in EPOS, ours stands out of the crowd with unique features and genuine options. It is conceived to be user-friendly and allows any worker to take orders electronically.
  • Free Ordering WebsiteTogether with this system comes a great offer: the opportunity of becoming the possessor of an excellent ordering website. The website is totally free and it offers you the chance of promoting your business in the virtual space, all commission-free.
  • Technical Support We offer technical support on a daily basis. Our technical support advisors are proficient in their work and always up to date with the latest improvements.
  • Caller ID The system remembers the name, number and address of each client, so asking for directions each time won’t happen anymore.
  • Custom Receipt Printer The EPOS system comes with an electronic printer that will print your receipts in a unique manner: your logo, as well as special offers or greetings can be comprised easily in the receipt.
  • Other practical benefits Among other, the EPOS system also provides free menu input, free staff-training, all hardware and take away software and online payment facility including PayPal integration.

Call now and start your free trial on 0203 002 0731, or use the contact form