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Pizza Delivery Software

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Delivery software for Pizzerias is custom software aimed especially at companies selling delicious pizzas, companies which are oriented towards the wellbeing of their customer and towards increasing their customers’ trust.

Why is delivery software important for pizzerias?

Good delivery software monitors pizza deliveries. Our system has the “Driver takings” feature which enables you to closely supervise all the income that your drivers receive. It keeps track of their deliveries and this way you know exactly how much money you have to receive from your drivers.

It is also a helpful tool for the delivery drivers. It features a GPS tracking system that will guide them towards their destination. The map is clear and easy to use, so your drivers arrival on time and your customers receive hot and delicious pizzas faster.

What features comprises a delivery software for pizzerias?

The software is put together in such a way that it remembers the clients’ addresses, their contact number and any other information you need to know. With our “Customer Map” and “Customer Database” features you win time by not having to ask for directions each time a customer orders.

Great delivery software is aimed at improving the way you manage your orders. It also helps you by keeping everything in order and making every command available at the touch of a button.

By purchasing our delivery software you get instant bonuses, 0% commission, and a lot of features that will make your accountancy a piece of cake.

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