Customer Database

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All those thick agendas where you write your customers’ addresses and their phone numbers can now be replaced by a new, latest tech customer database. You can now keep track of your customers, reach them in a reduced amount of time and send them your thank you’s through special messages.

What is a Customer Database?

Each time a customer places an order your system will automatically add him or her to your Customer Database if they ordered online. In short, it is like an online catalogue that remembers all your customers. Whenever a new customer appears, introduce him or her in your database. In time, this can be a valuable advertising tool, as well as a way of keeping track of your customers.

How can I make the most out of my Customer Database?

The feature allows you to introduce the customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers. In a few words, it includes everything you need to know about them. According to this database, you can decide what customers to reward and what customers need extra-attention.

For those who are regular clients, the database can provide their phone numbers in order to send them messages on your latest offers. Inform them about the discounts, menus, special offers, attract them and keep them interested in your business.

The Customer Database also helps you identify those who haven’t ordered in a while. Maybe they are misinformed, so offer them precious information on the latest offers. Send them a text message and attract them with suggestions that are impossible to refuse!

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