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In the quest for gaining more and more clients, one may be distracted from keeping the existing customers happy. However, they are often more important than gaining new customers, as they provide a regular income for your company. So never underestimate the value of your clients and always keep in mind to reassure them of their importance to you.

How can I thank my clients for their orders?

A great way of doing this is by offering special coupons. They have the great power of making your customers feel special. With our new system, coupons are handed according to a unique code. Thus, every coupon has its unique identity and cannot be multiplied, but at the same time is a great way of saying thank you to your most valued customers.

What should be the value of the coupons?

While coupons come, we may say, in all sizes and shapes, the most widespread form is that of discount coupons. They are usually special offers given to both loyal clients, but are also used for attracting new ones.

10% off all orders is a great way of attracting new customers. Old and faithful ones will also appreciate the attention given to them, so do not hesitate to use them whenever you feel it’s necessary.
Our system includes coupons given on code. The receiver must introduce the unique code on the website after he or she has decided upon what items to purchase. The discount is applied and there is no chance that the code will be written two times, as the system is programmed to remember the alphanumeric codes that have been introduced.

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