Bake Line

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Did you know that deliveries are often delayed due to order misinterpreting?

Dealing with orders can get tricky, especially when there are a lot of them waiting in line. The problem is not so much about deliveries, as it is about the stuff going on in the kitchen. When they have to deal with large amounts of commands, chefs often find themselves head over heels in piles of work, so they disregard the order in which those commands arrived.

How does Bake Line help?

What Bake Line does, is it creates a hierarchy of the orders that are being sent from your front screen. It constantly updates the orders, thus being a great tool that helps your chefs keep an eye on the food they have to prepare.

The display is clean and easy to go through. A list will inform the chef on the type of food he has to prepare, and he has the option of viewing the orders by number. Whenever he is ready with preparing the food from the order, he has a button, “Done Delivery [number of delivery]”. This will take him to the other delivery, and so on.
The feature also displays the address of the customer, as well as the price of each dish, and the price of the order as a whole.

Bake Line is a great way of improving your delivery time. It is also a great tool that represents a big plus in the kitchen, where we have to admit that all the hard work is being done. Focus on the well-being of your staff and you will see that your business will flourish in a stress-free environment. Your chefs will thank you for putting their orders in… order!

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