This Pizza Software and Customer Response

Perhaps you are wondering why we insist so much on customer response. If you have a food delivery service company, then your business depends entirely on its customers. And it’s that simple; it’s that important.

Pizza Software allows you to get reviews from customers, and these reviews don’t necessarily have to be written ones. Let’s say you are interested in seeing who has ordered, from where and how often. This is a customer review!

Because Pizza Software allows you to access this kind of information you can assess the level of contentment of your customers. Every customer who is pleased with your services will definitely come back and order some more. So from new customers you win regular clients who love your food, but most of all, cherish your services.

Fast delivery is no longer a utopia because Pizza Software includes features such as Postcode Lookup, Customer Map and Delivery Directions. Not just one, but three features which make deliveries faster and more pleasant for both customers and drivers.

Statistics will tell you exactly how many people ordered online, how many ordered offline and how many of these returned with a second and a third order. Isn’t that great?

What is more, you can get live, honest and valuable reviews from customers. On your online website you can prompt clients to write their opinion about your fast food and about the services you offer. You get important feedback which will tell you what are the areas you excel in and what are the things that could still use a bit of improvement.

These and many more, all coming with Pizza Software directly into your fast food, restaurant or pizzeria!

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