Software for easy delivery pizza

Everyone loves a well cooked pizza. It is a delicious dish and it enjoys great popularity all across the globe. This is something that makes Italians proud, and your pizza restaurant even prouder. If you own a pizza fast food or a pizza restaurant, you know the importance of on time deliveries.

Here’s our own software, built together with the leading companies in the field, in order to improve the way you deliver your pizza. It was thought to take into consideration any trait that could represent a drawback in your business development, and improve it up to the point where it is no longer a weakness, but strength:

  1. Driver takings and Delivery map – helps your drivers to find the customers’ address easier through a GPS-like system. At the same time, it allows you keep track of your drivers’ deliveries.
  2. Late order alert – whenever an online order has not been accepted, the system informs you about it so that you can take the necessary action.
  3. Online order tracking – allows your customers to know the time required to receive their order.
  4. Customer map and Order map – the software stores the customers’ addresses and informs you on who has ordered recently or who has not ordered in a while.

Having all these features at hand, you are sure to have a great delivery service that will outcome your competition and will propel your business to the top. This software for easy delivery pizza is sure to bring your customers hot pizzas and you – increased income.

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