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Aug9 2012

Pizza Software

Pizza is popular as ever, and this one of the reasons more entrepreneurss are chosing to open a pizzeria. Recently, a survey shown that 4 in 10 customers prefer to order a takeaway online rather than cook or go out to a restaurant. In addition, because of competition and modern technology, a pizzeria in order to give excellent service and satisfy the needs of online ordering pizza-eating customers, must have a pizza software that has features that allows the customers to order online and give them a free hand to choose whatever toppings they want on their pizza. Thanks to the internet, all of these are possible with added features that make running a pizzeria trouble-free and convenient for the staff and owner as well.

This pizza software shows various choices of pizzas and toppings and allows online ordering customers through the pizzeria website as if they are actually ordering them as eat-in customers. In addition, this pizza software includes an iPhone application that makes ordering easy through smart phones. All they have to do is download the application, which is free. Pizzerias with this software gives customers the choices of ordering online, drop by personally to order, or order through their smart phones while on the way home, timing their arrival to the estimated time of delivery.

With this pizza software, customers can pay directly by using their credit and debit cards. This is beneficial both to the customers and to the pizzeria owner as well. Customers need not worry about having not enough cash to pay, and the pizzeria owner is assured of payment since the pizza order was already paid before delivery. There is no customer refusal to accept delivery.

Aside from the above-mentioned features, this pizza software has so many other additional features and offered benefits to ensure the success of pizzerias.


Aug9 2012

This Pizza Software and Customer Response

Perhaps you are wondering why we insist so much on customer response. If you have a food delivery service company, then your business depends entirely on its customers. And it’s that simple; it’s that important.

Pizza Software allows you to get reviews from customers, and these reviews don’t necessarily have to be written ones. Let’s say you are interested in seeing who has ordered, from where and how often. This is a customer review!

Because Pizza Software allows you to access this kind of information you can assess the level of contentment of your customers. Every customer who is pleased with your services will definitely come back and order some more. So from new customers you win regular clients who love your food, but most of all, cherish your services.

Fast delivery is no longer a utopia because Pizza Software includes features such as Postcode Lookup, Customer Map and Delivery Directions. Not just one, but three features which make deliveries faster and more pleasant for both customers and drivers.

Statistics will tell you exactly how many people ordered online, how many ordered offline and how many of these returned with a second and a third order. Isn’t that great?

What is more, you can get live, honest and valuable reviews from customers. On your online website you can prompt clients to write their opinion about your fast food and about the services you offer. You get important feedback which will tell you what are the areas you excel in and what are the things that could still use a bit of improvement.

These and many more, all coming with Pizza Software directly into your fast food, restaurant or pizzeria!


Jul9 2012

Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy 10.1

Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronic companies, has won a partial victory against Apple Incorporated after a US appeal court lifted a freeze order on sales of its Galaxy Nexus smart phones. The freeze order started last June 29, which was based primarily on patent infringement. However, the freeze on sales of Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer stays.

Since 2010, Apple has been waging an international patent war to limit the growth of Google’s Android system, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. They were able to get a freeze on sale in Australia preventing its sales, but was eventually overturned. Legal disputes between Samsung and Apple are currently ongoing in US, Japan, and UK.Competitors accused Apple of using patents as an excuse to stamp out competition.

The Galaxy 10.1 tablet is the closest rival of the iPad, though it is a distant second to Apple’s devices. From January to March of this year, Apple control 63% of the global tablet market. The market share of Samsung is a meager 7.5%.

The Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet uses Android 3.2 Honeycomb. It features a wide-screen display, looks sharp and bright, and the body is thin and light. It weighs less compared to a number of tablets in the market but has a dual-core processor 1 GHz processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses Android Version 4, Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 4.6” screen, considered as one of the largest screen on a smart phone.

On these two Samsung devices, pizzerias with a website can still have their menus displayed for ordering and paying.


May3 2012

Gaming is a priority for smartphone users

Mobile phones manufacturers admit that games are an essential feature of a smartphone. People play games on their phones whenever they have a free minute and whether or not they require an internet connection, games will always be highly appreciated by users. Videogame analysts such as PJ McNealy consider that nowadays games have ceased to be just a fancy accessory for smartphones, they are now a necessity.

Many of these games - besides those which are included in the standard version of the gadgets - can be downloaded from the internet. Now, let's think about it: what if you could make your customers see online ordering as a game? Something refreshing, easy and pleasant to do. We have already thought about this and have devised several smart features which will make online ordering a pleasure:

1. To begin with, the iPhone Application - because we need something to connect your customers' smartphones to the internet. This application allows your clients to access your online ordering website from wherever they are. What is even better is that they can place their orders directly from their smartphones, tablets, or Kindles. The only condition is to have access to the internet.

2. The moment they accessed your online ordering website, they can visualize menus, go through your photo gallery and choose whatever they desire. They place their orders and pay online with their credit cards - Visa or MasterCard.

3. Let the fun begin - with the help of the Online Order Tracking feature, you can keep your customers informed on the time needed for their orders to reach their destinations.

While we admit that our iPhone Application is not quite the most interesting video game ever, we also highlight the fact that it is very easy to use by anyone and that online ordering will become more than a whim - it will be a pleasure for both you and your customers.


May3 2012

Breathe life into your business with our new iPhone Application

The industry of mobile phones is the most productive and popular of all. With a continuous flow of newborn models which comprise improved features and endless options, mobile phones have long ceased to be just... mobile phones.

Smart businessmen have already devised plans to incorporate these gadgets in their businesses. Have you?

If not, we have cooked up something for you: the latest iPhone Application which allows your customers to order directly from your online ordering website by simply using their smartphones. If technology overcame you, we give you a hand and help you keep up with its rhythm. Make your business vibrate under the touch of innovation. Impress your customers with this application and in a short time you will notice that they will keep coming back. I mean, reopening their iPhone Application and placing their orders. Again and again.

Thanks to our new EPOS pizza software you can send text messages to your clients informing them of your latest offers and your sales, but at the same time there are numerous other features and benefits you will get once you sign up for a four month subscription. What is even better is that we offer a one month free trial so that you can test and play with our software without having to pay for it!

And with the new iPhone Application for online ordering, you will be one of the most modern takeaway suppliers in your town! Studies have shown that people are now using their smartphones less for talking or texting and more for navigating on the Internet. If this is the trend, why not allow them to place their orders online by simply connecting their smartphones to the internet?

What is more, with the help of our modern software, you will be able to send them not only text messages, but also e-mails.

Now think about it: SMS, e-mail and iPhone Application - this is a whole advertising campaign at your feet.


Apr24 2012

IT improving on mobility, computing and applications

Smartphones and tablets, app stores, browsers, internet of things, open source, automation, and the list can continue. It is already difficult to define the domain of IT, especially that of "cloud computing". The mobility of technology has just gone a step further with the invention and popularization of smartphones and tablets and with the great success of Apple's iPads, and Amazon's new Kindle.

This takes us to the next question: if everything is turning mobile, why shouldn't online ordering do the same? Thanks to our new iPhone application, we have just made online ordering mobile! A breakthrough in pizza and fast food ordering, one might say.

Our pizza EPOS software works wonders in the field of online ordering because it was created with the help of the leading companies from the fast food industry. This means that it comprises everything a fast food and pizzeria needs in order to attract more customers and develop under the sign of professionalism.

Our brand new iPhone Application allows your customers to access your online ordering website directly from their tablets or smartphones provided that they have an internet connection available. So PCs and laptops are not the only ones that can bring you profit. And with features such as Credit Card Payment, Online Order Tracking and the possibility of visualizing menus, prices and photos, clients will know exactly how much they have to pay, how much they have to wait for their food to be delivered and what they will be receiving.

Allow your business to keep up with technology and transform it into mobile online ordering! All you need is EPOS, online ordering website and our iPhone Application.