Software for pizzeria in Worcestershire

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Top-notch quality with software for pizzeria in Worcestershire

Use our modern software for pizzerias in Worcestershire – it is easy to use and you can quickly access the page or feature you want by pressing some buttons. You can now forget about the stressful situations from work when POS software would crack or was unable to provide you the information you were looking for. The software is so easy to use that even a novice will face no problems in navigating through it.

Using software for pizzeria in Worcestershire will surely represent an advantage in from of your competition. The software was built in collaboration with the leading companies from the fast food industry, so it is sure to meet all the requirements of a fast food, pizzeria or restaurant.

Check out some very practical features that you can use with software for pizzeria in Worcestershire:

Customer Database – stores important information about your customers. First time they call you can ask them for contact details such as address, phone number and name. Introduce them in the software and the program will automatically store this information and show it to you whenever you need it.

A great feature that is provided by software for pizzeria in Worcestershire and that works very well with Customer Database is Postcode Lookup. You no longer have to ask your customer their address; simply ask for their post code. Introduce the numbers from the post code in the software and it will automatically find the clients address – a great way of saving time and, in the long run, money.

  • Customer Map – a map that shows you all the customers who have placed an online order. Divides them according to the time of the latest order.

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

  • Credit card facility – customers ordering online can pay using their credit cards, or through their PayPal account.

  • Delivery software – helps you keep an eye on the income and at the same time is a great map that gives clear directions towards the clients address.

  • Full EPOS – The touch screen of our EPOS system is just one of the great features it provides. Custom receipt printer, free staff-training, called ID, technical support, and the list continues…

  • Live support – it provides real life support for clients experiencing problems when dealing with the ordering website or payment methods.

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