Pizza POS Software in Surrey

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Why is it necessary to have pizza POS software in Surrey?

As the proud creators of the latest pizza software, we can assure you that we wouldn’t have created it if we hadn’t noticed an increase demand for pizza POS software in Surrey. Every restaurant, fast food or pizzeria owner knows how hard it is to coordinate a business and at the same time to give your customers the attention they need.

Now, using pizza POS software in Surrey can help you achieve these by simply touching a few buttons on the hardware’s touch screen monitor. Whether you need to take care of the things going on in the kitchen or you want to reward your customers for their loyalty, the software helps you in every regard.

Buy pizza POS software in Surrey if you want to make sure your clients will be satisfied from every point of view. Later Order Messaging, Delivery Directions, Bake Line, Live Support and Online Order Tracking are all aimed at improving your relationship with your customers. Moreover, you can always thank your regular customers by offering them Coupon Codes with 10% off for all orders.

If you are a business person who cherishes his clients, the best thing to do is to use pizza POS software in Surrey. Not only does it provide numerous features that get you closer to your customers, but it also helps you delegate your staff. Efficiency, proficiency and practicality are the three words that best describe the POS.

  • Bake Line – your chefs will never mess up the orders again. Clear and practical tables help them keep track of the orders and the food they have to prepare.

  • Online order tracking – let your clients know when their order will be arriving through this brilliant time tracker.

  • Live support – it provides real life support for clients experiencing problems when dealing with the ordering website or payment methods.

  • Iphone Application – the application allows your customers to place their order directly from their smart phones. They win time, you win money.

  • Delivery software – helps you keep an eye on the income and at the same time is a great map that gives clear directions towards the clients address.

  • Postcode lookup – this feature helps you identify your customers based on their post code. Easy and practical!

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