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Every fast food or pizzeria owner will eventually realise that they need pizza POS software in Hampshire. Why? It is simple: it is a great tool that helps you better organize your work. At the same time, you will have the ability of better delegating your staff, so that everybody will know what they have to do and you will avoid confusions.

Confusions only lead to work blockage because nobody knows what they have to do. You only have to use Pizza POS software in Hampshire in order to avoid this scenario. The software is equipped with top-notch features that will help you avoid misunderstandings, fights, stress and every negative aspect that can occur at the workplace. It is important to keep your customers satisfied at all times, but it is as important to understand that in order to achieve this, you will first have to look after your staff.

Some of the main advantages of using pizza POS software in Hampshire lie in its features: Online Ordering Website feature will take your business in the virtual space and attract customers that otherwise would be unreachable. Statistics feature provides accurate information on the type of orders you receive (online, phone, counter).

Delivery Directions will help your drivers find the delivery addresses faster. With this in mind, using pizza POS software in Hampshire is really helpful to your drivers. No one can ever know a city’s streets by heart; this is why the software comes in handy with the Delivery Directions feature.

  • Postcode lookup – this feature helps you identify your customers based on their post code. Easy and practical!

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

  • Customer Database – your own agenda, complete with customer details such as phone number, address and/or e-mail address.

  • Coupons – dont forget to repay your old customers and attract new ones. Code coupons are a great way of offering a discount to whoever deserves it!

  • Live support – it provides real life support for clients experiencing problems when dealing with the ordering website or payment methods.

  • Iphone Application – the application allows your customers to place their order directly from their smart phones. They win time, you win money.

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