Pizza POS Software in East Sussex

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Use pizza POS software in East Sussex if you want to overcome any competition

Why would pizza POS software in East Sussex help you do that?
POS software is nowadays more than just simple POS. Due to all the breakthroughs in technology, we are now able to provide you with a software that will not only print receipts and keep track of money, but will also help you launch your business in the virtual space, give discounts to regular customers and keep track of what is going on in your company even when you are gone from your office or town.

Some of the most loved features you can use with pizza POS software in East Sussex that will help you increase your “audience” and surpass competition are:

Online Ordering Website provides more than just a catalogue of products and prices. You can upload photos, receive customer reviews and inform clients on the status of their order.

Statistics provide you accurate information about what is going on in your company: how much money you earned, and how your customers preferred to place their orders.

Driver Takings helps you keep track of your drivers’ deliveries and tells you exactly how much money they owe you at the end of a day’s work.

Delivery Directions improves the way your drivers deliver the orders. A Google satellite map is at their disposal, showing them the shortest route to their destination.

E-mail and Messaging are powerful advertising tools that allow you to inform your customers about your latest offers and discounts.

There are many more waiting to be discovered as soon as you start using pizza POS software in East Sussex.

  • Coupons – dont forget to repay your old customers and attract new ones. Code coupons are a great way of offering a discount to whoever deserves it!

  • Credit card facility – customers ordering online can pay using their credit cards, or through their PayPal account.

  • Online order tracking – let your clients know when their order will be arriving through this brilliant time tracker.

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

  • Bake Line – your chefs will never mess up the orders again. Clear and practical tables help them keep track of the orders and the food they have to prepare.

  • Ordering website – the website is free for anyone who purchases the system. It is a great way of promoting your business and of enabling customers to order online.

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