Pizza POS Software in Devon

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Pizza POS software in Devon

If you are thinking about using pizza POS software in Devon, you would better go for this beauty: POS oriented 100% to satisfying every need that might occur in a pizzeria, fast-food or restaurant. Nothing is better than seeing that your business runs smoothly and deals efficiently with problems of any kind, be it queues, kitchen issues or delivery difficulties.

Using pizza POS software in Devon guarantees that you will no longer have to search for alternate solutions to your problems as the software will take this burden off your chest and solve any problem fast. It is easy to use and even beginners will have no problem in navigating through the features, taking decisions and getting information about delivery status, orders and delivery directions.

Some of the most practical features target drivers, chefs and the staff from the counter. These are the three main places where the most important things take place in a pizzeria, fast food or restaurant. Having our pizza POS software in Devon enables you to use features such as Driver Takings, Delivery Directions, Bake Line, and Statistics. These are just few of the many other features the software includes, all of which are aimed at improving the way your staff work and organize their daily work hours.

So why hesitate? Purchasing pizza POS software in Devon is sure to delineate you from your rivalries and to give you that professional look in the eyes of your customers.

  • Postcode lookup – this feature helps you identify your customers based on their post code. Easy and practical!

  • Full EPOS – The touch screen of our EPOS system is just one of the great features it provides. Custom receipt printer, free staff-training, called ID, technical support, and the list continues…

  • Ordering website – the website is free for anyone who purchases the system. It is a great way of promoting your business and of enabling customers to order online.

  • Iphone Application – the application allows your customers to place their order directly from their smart phones. They win time, you win money.

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

  • Bake Line – your chefs will never mess up the orders again. Clear and practical tables help them keep track of the orders and the food they have to prepare.

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