Pizza Delivery Software Suffolk

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Dont be skeptical in what regards using pizza delivery software in Suffolk. Being custom made so as to answer the needs of a pizzeria, this program is sure not to let you down. Use it in a free 3 month trial and you will see how much it helps you organize your business.

Your company will run smoother and better with the help of pizza delivery software in Suffolk. Thanks to its features, you will see that it perfectly combines practicality with advertising and efficiency. And yes, you heard well: among other, it opens new and cheap possibilities to advertising.

Tools such as E-mail, SMS and online ordering website are not at all expensive, yet they are compelling weaponry that helps you win the publicity war. If you have our brand new pizza delivery software in Suffolk you no longer have to think about advertising campaigns.

Use e-mails and text messages to promote your business. Ask your clients for their e-mail addresses and send them weekly or monthly newsletters. Keep them informed on your latest offers and discounts and send them “Thank You!” notes.

The online ordering website is another effective feature. It is directly linked to the software, and you can use it to inform your customers on menus and prices. Moreover, the customers can write their reviews on the site – more convincing than any other ad.

As you have seen, pizza delivery software in Suffolk really takes off the financial burden of an advertising campaign.

  • Online order tracking – let your clients know when their order will be arriving through this brilliant time tracker.

  • Iphone Application – the application allows your customers to place their order directly from their smart phones. They win time, you win money.

  • Full EPOS – The touch screen of our EPOS system is just one of the great features it provides. Custom receipt printer, free staff-training, called ID, technical support, and the list continues…

  • Bake Line – your chefs will never mess up the orders again. Clear and practical tables help them keep track of the orders and the food they have to prepare.

  • Coupons – dont forget to repay your old customers and attract new ones. Code coupons are a great way of offering a discount to whoever deserves it!

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

Call now and start your free trial on 0203 002 0731, or use the contact form