Pizza Delivery Software Hampshire

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Test our latest pizza delivery software in Hampshire. Such a big city will often be a challenge for your drivers, as it is impossible to keep in mind every address from every customer. What is more, dealing with lots of orders can also be demanding and you may often find yourself overwhelmed.

Use the pizza delivery software in Hampshire and forget about late orders, lost drivers and unhappy customers. The softwares features will help you in this regard and even improve the way you work. Read on to find out why pizza delivery software in Hampshire is just the thing you need:

Keep track of your orders with the Statistics option. It is a feature that shows you how many orders you have received. The orders are shown in clear pie charts, delineating online orders from phone orders.

Using pizza delivery software in Hampshire gives you the opportunity to keep track of your customers with the help of Customer Map and Customer Database features. This way you know who ordered, from where, when, and you also have their contact details such as name, phone number, address (including city, town and post code).

These are only two features of the many the software provides. Help your business grow through efficiency and professionalism by purchasing the new pizza delivery software in Hampshire.

  • SMS marketing – inform your customers on the latest offers by sending them an SMS. Fast, profitable and customer-friendly!

  • Delivery software – helps you keep an eye on the income and at the same time is a great map that gives clear directions towards the clients address.

  • Customer Map – a map that shows you all the customers who have placed an online order. Divides them according to the time of the latest order.

  • Full EPOS – The touch screen of our EPOS system is just one of the great features it provides. Custom receipt printer, free staff-training, called ID, technical support, and the list continues…

  • Customer Database – your own agenda, complete with customer details such as phone number, address and/or e-mail address.

  • Live support – it provides real life support for clients experiencing problems when dealing with the ordering website or payment methods.

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