Pizza Software is a fast growing pizza software provider based in the UK. They offer a first class customer service. The pizza software Pizza Softwarehas produced enables pizza owners to manage and take orders with ease and speed.

The pizza software itself includes touch screen technology allowing staff to select products from a virtual menu provided by the pizza software, which is fast and easy to use. All the calculations are automatically done for you by the pizza software, and once the order has been taken a receipt is automatically printed out by the pizza software.

Furthermore, the pizza software allows you to address each customer personally using Caller ID, which allows you to recognise frequent customers by there number, the pizza software automatically does this and then displays the name of the caller along with there phone number.

The other side of the pizza software is the pizza website, which allows customers to order directly from the internet, they select products from your online menu provided by the pizza software, enter there address, telephone number and name, and if they require delivery/collection or online payment.

Once the order is complete the pizza software will notify you that a new order has been taken. The order can then be selected and automatically printed off by the pizza software.