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Jul9 2012

Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy 10.1

Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronic companies, has won a partial victory against Apple Incorporated after a US appeal court lifted a freeze order on sales of its Galaxy Nexus smart phones. The freeze order started last June 29, which was based primarily on patent infringement. However, the freeze on sales of Galaxy 10.1 tablet computer stays.

Since 2010, Apple has been waging an international patent war to limit the growth of Google’s Android system, the world’s most popular mobile operating system. They were able to get a freeze on sale in Australia preventing its sales, but was eventually overturned. Legal disputes between Samsung and Apple are currently ongoing in US, Japan, and UK.Competitors accused Apple of using patents as an excuse to stamp out competition.

The Galaxy 10.1 tablet is the closest rival of the iPad, though it is a distant second to Apple’s devices. From January to March of this year, Apple control 63% of the global tablet market. The market share of Samsung is a meager 7.5%.

The Samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet uses Android 3.2 Honeycomb. It features a wide-screen display, looks sharp and bright, and the body is thin and light. It weighs less compared to a number of tablets in the market but has a dual-core processor 1 GHz processor.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus uses Android Version 4, Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 4.6” screen, considered as one of the largest screen on a smart phone.

On these two Samsung devices, pizzerias with a website can still have their menus displayed for ordering and paying.


Jul9 2012

Pizza Software – More customers

As a pizzeria owner, you want to see satisfied customers coming back for more, and occasional customers become regulars. By delivering mouth-watering pizza and combining it with excellent service, there’s no other way for your pizzeria to go but up, and above your competitors.

This upward boost is what the provider of pizza software have in mind - to increase the number of your satisfied pizza-loving customers, to increase the efficient of your staff, and for you - more profit and savings.

The pizza software includes a unique ordering website that allows your customers to order their favorite pizza online. Your specialty pizzas are prominently displayed in your website, which is in your pizzeria’s name. Customers can select whatever toppings or size by simply clicking.

New customers looking for specialty pizza can easily find your pizzeria by searching their favorite search engines like Google or Bing. Added to this is pizza delivery software that makes delivery faster by providing the shortest and easiest route to use when delivering ordered pizzas to customers. With a fast and efficient delivery system, customers are assured of a prompt delivery, which results to satisfied customers, and eventually converting them to regular customers.

Also included is an EPOS system that saves all the details of customers such as their names, addresses, emails, ordering habits and pizza preferences. When a repeat order comes in, there’s no need to ask for a detailed direction since it is already in the database. This customer database is especially useful when conducting specials offers; or when your pizzeria has a new pizza specialty that you are trying to promote.

This also gives a personal touch to your service by giving the impression that previous customers are not forgotten, and profit is not solely your motive, but foremost, is customer satisfaction.

Added to your pizza software is a free IPhone app. This is another customer-boosting feature for your pizzeria by allowing them to order and pay anywhere by using their smart phones. With this iPhone app, your pizzeria is easily accessible to people who are always on the move.

Pizza software has numerous benefits and features that are designed to boost your pizzeria. One significant feature when using this pizza software is its commission-free incentive. There is no commission for any online orders.