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Mar30 2012

UK’s economy is based on the internet

The internet is responsible for 8.3% of UK's economy and numbers are expected to grow and even double in the following years. People work, buy, and sell on the online environment and often prefer it to other methods. Why? Because the internet is simple, fast and offers reliable services.

However, among drawbacks is worthy of being mentioned the fact that on a purchase, buyers cannot "meet" the product, feel and touch it. At least, not until the sale is made and the package is delivered. But even so, more than 76% of British people confessed that they would take into consideration giving up chocolate, alcohol or other small vices in favour of internet.

This is something that makes you think. With the great, even huge success of internet, it would be foolish not to consider switching online. As the fast food industry is growing, you need to find ways of staying on top, you need to be creative and inventive.

By having your own online ordering website you make your business available to a wider range of customers. With the help of our modern bespoke pizzeria and fast food software you can take orders online and allow customers to pay directly from their computers or smartphones.

Your professionalism is shown in the photo gallery and in other features that come together with the site and the software. Why let people give up chocolate or other delicacies? Allow them to buy their food online and savour both the internet and their delicious meals!


Mar24 2012

Are smartphones the new PCs?

Think about how revolutionary computers were. And then the Internet, and then the mobile phones. Who would have thought that we would get to live those times when all these three would meet together under the form of a slim, light smartphone? Smarphones are really the best thing technology could ever come across.

They enable users to do everything they are now doing with their PCs: play games, write messages, navigate the internet. With the help of applications, they can extend the range of activities to online news reading, more games, books, and even online ordering. And after all, if we think a bit about it, personal computers were never as personal as we may think: lots of people could gain access to them and see everything that was stored on that computer.

But smartphones are phones, with personality. Not many have access to them apart from the owner, so information stored on it is kept safe. And the happy owner of such a gadget can make use of endless applications, among which our latest iPhone application, which enables them to place and pay for online orders.

If you think games and e-mails are the only things someone can do with their iPhones, Blackberries or other androids, think again. And this is not a good thing only for users, it also represents a great advantage for fast food owners, restaurant owners and pizzeria owners. With the help of our latest application, people can gain instant access to your online ordering website, navigate through the menu, visualize photos and, best of all, they can place an order directly from their revolutionary gadget!


Mar21 2012

Android smartphones are back on track in the UK

While during Christmas Androids seemed to loose ground to Apple's iPhone 4S, now they are back on track and occupy the first place in English preferences. A study shows that more than 48% of sold smartphones were androids, whether Smasung, Blackberry or other manufacturers.

With this in mind, it is better to start searching for ways to make your business available not only online, but also on smartphones. A first step would be to upgrade your online ordering possibilities to the new level: phone applications. Our latest iPhone application is free the moment you sign up for an online ordering website. So you shoot two birds with one shot.

Android smartphones are the next step in the world of cellulars and if you want to keep up with the world, you need to put your hands on this application. By downloading your application, customers no longer need computers to place their online orders. They can access your online ordering website from their androids, visualize your menus, photo gallery and decide upon what they would like to eat. As soon as a decision was made, the application from the android allows them to place their order and pay online using their credit cards (either Visa or MasterCard) or by using their PayPal account.

There seems to be an increasing demand in smartphones and market studies show that more people choose to purchase more than just one smartphone. The era of traditional cell-phones, if we can call them like that, is pretty over now with the latest models launched by the giants from Apple, Nokia, Samsung and so on.


Mar16 2012

Kindle Fire – the Gadget that Gets Your Website Closer to Your Audience

You customers can now use their latest Kindle Fire to access your online ordering website. Amazon's new Kindle Fire has gained popularity among users and the majority of people compare it to the latest tablet from Apple. While some claim that a comparison between the two should not be made as they were conceived with different goals in mind, it is impossible not to highlight the contrasts between them because they are fairly similar to each other.

However, we are not going to focus on the similarities and differences between the new Kindle and Apple's iPad, but rather have a brief description of how Amazon's tablet is helpful for your fast food, pizzeria or restaurant and for your online orders.

To start with, the gadget is no longer just a simple reading device, but focuses on more diverse activities such as movies, TV shows, applications and a large variety of games, starting with the popular Angry Birds. But applications are what should catch your attention. Being the successful owner of a growing fast-food company or pizzeria and of our latest pizza delivery software, you will be more than happy to know that your clients can access your online ordering website directly from their Kindle.

Kindle Fire has 7" color touchscreen, which means that your website will be more vibrant and more stunning than ever. Every owner of such a beauty can view high resolution movies, clips and TV shows but at the same time they can access your online ordering website. They can view every page on the website and what's more, they can even place their orders directly from their brand new Kindle Fire.

All in all, the new device is a great gadget that has revolutionized the way we see tablets. A great competitor to Apple's iPad and at the same time a tool that indirectly helps you grow your business.


Mar13 2012

Apple launches the new iPad in stores this Friday

Apple has made an official announcement about the launching of the latest iPad: on Friday morning every iPad admirer is awaited at Covent Garden, where they will be able to purchase the newest model of the best sold tablet in the world. There were previous rumors about this long-awaited inauguration, but it was only now that the staff at Covent Garden gave their confirmation.

The decision to officially launch the new tablet is regarded with skepticism by some: there is such a large number of pre-orders already, that it will be hard to maintain a constant flux of products in the store. For those who want to own this technological beauty, Friday will start very early in the morning. The Apple staff at Covent Garden warned punters to get there as early as possible; they also predicted that the store will probably run out of iPads by early afternoon.

The new iPad 3 takes after its forefather, iPad 2, but it surely brings some new and amazing features. To start with, the multi-million pixels display is sure to amaze even the most fastidious of customers. It is also said that features like Siri, the latest iOS or LTE support are just few of the staggering novelties that the new tablet will display. However, nothing has been confirmed so far, so we will just live to see.

Anyway, the thing we know for sure now is that there, somewhere, are shelves smothered by these new top-notch tablets that continue to represent a breakthrough in technology and a landmark for all those working in the field. Although there is a great number of tablets already produced and waiting for their owner, Apple helpers admitted that deliveries for pre-orders will have to wait for at least two or three weeks.