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Apr9 2012

The pleasure of online ordering

It has been noticed since a while now that people prefer more and more to order online whenever they have the chance, instead of giving a phone call for the same order. It seems that the internet has made us more efficient - we like more to fill in a chart with the dish we want to eat rather than spending minutes trying to explain that we want our pizza without pepperoni and with double portion of mushrooms.


The thing is, having the opportunity to order online is a real pleasure: it is faster, clearer and offers extra possibilities to both sides. For example, the customer places his online order and can estimate the time it takes for his food to be delivered. This thanks to the Online Order Tracking feature of our software. What is more, should the visitor experience any trouble with the site, he can always access the Live Support button which will put him in contact with one of our team members, who will help elucidate the technical issues in the shortest time possible. On the other side, the company's staff spends less time talking on the phone and more time doing practical work.


The second best thing about online ordering is that it allows clients to pay directly on the site for their orders. This means that drivers will no longer have to deal with the problem of money and customers won't have to worry anymore about not having enough cash. Our online ordering software enables them to pay using their credit cards (both Visa and MasterCard) or by accessing their PayPal account - which is a novelty.


And the winning argument - our brand new iPhone Application, which makes pizza ordering a real pleasure! Now customers no longer need a computer and a connection to the Internet in order to place their online orders. They can order and pay with their credit cards directly from their smartphones. By downloading our iPhone application, they have instant access to your site and everything that's on it!


Apr3 2012

Rivalry between manufacturers leads to queues for new smartphones

Samsung boasts with over 22 million smartphones sold in 2011, which means that iPhone faces serious competition from manufacturers. And there's more to this fierce contest for the first place. Samsung may be the world's biggest seller of smartphones in 2011, but this doesn't mean that companies such as Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry and even the Chinese Huawei are not gaining ground.

And then, from offices where blue collars devise the new look on smartphones, the fight goes in the street. Not literally. Actually, in shops and supermarkets this fight comes under the form of endless queues - an iPhone fan spent not less than 30 hours in front of a shop in order to be sure that he will get to buy the latest iPhone!

This rivalry between manufacturers can only mean one thing: better phones, improved features, more options, unique design, user-friendly interface. So judging from these facts, it is explainable why people love them so much and why 449 million people became smartphone users (RBC report).

It is an impressive number, but the facts speak for themselves. And it is important to keep in mind that users are not the only ones who can profit from the numerous features of smartphones. For example, if you own a pizzeria or a fast food, you can also take advantage of this new technology. We devised a brand new iPhone application that your customers can download directly to their phones. It allows your clients to directly access your online ordering website and to place their orders directly from their phones.

What is more, the app enables them to visit your online ordering site, see the menu and prices and decide upon what they would like to buy. They can place their orders and even pay for them using their credit cards or PayPal account.


Apr3 2012

Smartphones – new and becoming newer

The launch of smartphones on the cell-phone market was a great breakthrough. In only 17 years, phones have met great evolution, from the rock-ish look of the first mobile phones and up to these days, when phones can connect you to the internet and implicitly, to everything. From weather, news and music and up to games and applications of all kinds, smartphones can give a user all they desire.

But there is more coming. The restless manufacturers are engaged in a fierce competition over supremacy, so they are continuously brainstorming for new and unique features. And the ones who benefit from all these improvements are, of course, clients - users. New and ambitious plans await the nest generation of smartphones and among these are worthy of being mentioned:

  • fingerprint checking
  • face recognition
  • touchless display
  • credit card reader
  • enhanced voice input
  • swapping web content by touching phones together

...and many more.

People are mad about this breakthrough and this can be seen in the huge success that smartphones have among users. These phones enable them to download applications and opens new possibilities that until recently were only dreamed of in a cellular.

However, users are not the only ones who can profit of the new and improved generation; businesses of all kinds have found different ways in which to promote themselves with the help of smartphones. For example, if you are the owner of a fast food, pizza, or restaurant and you have just went online, you can benefit from our latest iPhone App.

The app can be downloaded by your customers and it enables them to place their orders directly from their smartphones. Without needing a computer to place an order, it is the next step in online ordering. Profit now!



Mar24 2012

Are smartphones the new PCs?

Think about how revolutionary computers were. And then the Internet, and then the mobile phones. Who would have thought that we would get to live those times when all these three would meet together under the form of a slim, light smartphone? Smarphones are really the best thing technology could ever come across.

They enable users to do everything they are now doing with their PCs: play games, write messages, navigate the internet. With the help of applications, they can extend the range of activities to online news reading, more games, books, and even online ordering. And after all, if we think a bit about it, personal computers were never as personal as we may think: lots of people could gain access to them and see everything that was stored on that computer.

But smartphones are phones, with personality. Not many have access to them apart from the owner, so information stored on it is kept safe. And the happy owner of such a gadget can make use of endless applications, among which our latest iPhone application, which enables them to place and pay for online orders.

If you think games and e-mails are the only things someone can do with their iPhones, Blackberries or other androids, think again. And this is not a good thing only for users, it also represents a great advantage for fast food owners, restaurant owners and pizzeria owners. With the help of our latest application, people can gain instant access to your online ordering website, navigate through the menu, visualize photos and, best of all, they can place an order directly from their revolutionary gadget!


Mar21 2012

Android smartphones are back on track in the UK

While during Christmas Androids seemed to loose ground to Apple's iPhone 4S, now they are back on track and occupy the first place in English preferences. A study shows that more than 48% of sold smartphones were androids, whether Smasung, Blackberry or other manufacturers.

With this in mind, it is better to start searching for ways to make your business available not only online, but also on smartphones. A first step would be to upgrade your online ordering possibilities to the new level: phone applications. Our latest iPhone application is free the moment you sign up for an online ordering website. So you shoot two birds with one shot.

Android smartphones are the next step in the world of cellulars and if you want to keep up with the world, you need to put your hands on this application. By downloading your application, customers no longer need computers to place their online orders. They can access your online ordering website from their androids, visualize your menus, photo gallery and decide upon what they would like to eat. As soon as a decision was made, the application from the android allows them to place their order and pay online using their credit cards (either Visa or MasterCard) or by using their PayPal account.

There seems to be an increasing demand in smartphones and market studies show that more people choose to purchase more than just one smartphone. The era of traditional cell-phones, if we can call them like that, is pretty over now with the latest models launched by the giants from Apple, Nokia, Samsung and so on.